We Are Your Neighbors, Friends, and Family.

How does shopping locally help?

Shopping locally to encourages the economic sustainability of your local community. By shopping locally you will also start to build foundations and relationsips within your community. By shopping locally you are not only supporting one business, as quite often local businesses conduct commerce with other local businesses. Unlike big corporate chains, local businesses typically pay their employees fair wages and have a smaller negative impact on the environment.

We love to share and learn from local community businees groups.

From support meetings, to lectures and new business openings, we enjoy supporting the local economy. As of now we are currently engaged with the Yuba Sutter Chamber of Commerce, Affiliate member of the Yuba Sutter Board of Realtors, Christian Business Alliance, Yuba City LeTip, and theYuba Sutter Professional Network. We are here to support you and our community.


Why Go Local?

There are many benefits to going local!

You always here about the trickel down effect: well when you shop locally it can be felt with the greatest impact. Take a look at the many benefits produced by keeping you business in local hands.